I specialize in ColdFusion and SQL Server development, and have for over 22 years. I also provide custom integration work for getting your data to and from CRMs, BMPs, Analytics, and Call-Tracking providers like Marchex.
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Building a new application or revamping an existing one? I can help.

Ben McLeod

The Gartrell Group

Working with Stan is a joy. He delivers a superior product, on-time and on-budget. You really can't ask for more. But add on the fact that he's a really great guy to work with, and you get more. I wish all developers were like Stan.

Nate Weiss

CTO Conductrics

Stan is that rare-but-killer combination of technologist and pragmatist. He gets deep into a business and its processes and needs before he starts building a system. That means he doesn't build more or less than you need, which in turn means your time and money is as well spent as possible. That's why the many systems he's shared with me over the years are rock-solid and long-lived. That's why you want to use him.

Noah Britton

Owner, DataFusion Systems, Inc

Stan has provided consistent excellence in ColdFusion and SQL development on several projects. His code is clean, compact, and runs efficiently. Stan takes pride in his work and asks the hard questions which has led to no major gotchas on any of our projects. He doesn't cut any corners nor hide from doing the hard work. I hope to be using Stan on a project by project basis for years to come. A++

Steve Erickson

GIS Specialist at Metro

Stan has the amazing ability to describe highly technical concepts in layman’s terms and then put them into working software that exceeded expectations. His background in writing helped keep the job aligned and moving forward smoothly by distilling complex topics into well-worded descriptions that were easy for the whole team to understand. Should the opportunity arise, I will not hesitate to work with Stan on future projects.

Brian Binette

VP of Marketing at Sports Systems

Stan Williams' forward thinking has been paramount to our success as a company, and the continued improvement of our systems overall is a tribute to his hard work.

Barb Gauharou Hyde

VP of Operations at Sports Systems

Stan possesses the ability to effortlessly translate clients' needs into code and in the process explain "the how" in ways our fellow colleagues and I can understand and explain to our clients. Stan challenges existing ways and lines of thinking that need to be challenged and in doing so, brings the technology of Sports Systems to new and better levels.

John Scott

VP of Engineering at Sports Systems

Stan amazes me with his skill in distilling a client's desires to concrete technical specifications and, conversely, in describing complex technical details in a way that speaks clearly to business users. He has that rare ability to understand a system from high up at the architectural level all the way down to the implementation detail. He's smart and talented and possesses a frighteningly sharp wit.

Leeda Marting

Owner of Charleston Gardens

Stan is intelligent, creative, and can solve complex problems. He is man of integrity who would never leave a client in a lurch. His skill set is broad, as are his shoulders. I highly recommend him.

Colleen Mangan Cronin

Sr. Project Manager, Channell Communications

Stan is one of the smartest people I have worked with. His ability to think quickly and find solutions to client's needs (with or without complete specifications) are incomparable, and his ability to explain his solutions to both technical and non-technical audiences made him a great asset to my team. His integrity and personality also make him a true pleasure to work with.