I specialize in ColdFusion and SQL Server development, and have for over 23 years. I also provide custom integration work for getting your data to and from CRMs, BMPs, Analytics, and Call-Tracking providers like Marchex.
Use the links below to explore my portfolio and the services that I offer.
Building a new application or revamping an existing one? I can help.

Charleston Gardens

This high-grossing and long-lived website features tight integration with an external fulfillment system, client-accessible editing and inventory tools and inventory and sales reporting tools behind the scenes.

Iowa Health System

This is a custom-built dynamic survey engine with complete administrative tools, data import and export, and self-adjusting question presentation.

Metro (State of Oregon)

Web-based metadata viewer and editor for ArcGIS shapefile data.
This state-government agency serves a large client base and the development of this web-application called for a tight focus on accessibility and scalability.

Sports Systems

Content, Event, & Ticket Management system used by dozens of major corporations and sporting events around the world.

Harvard University Class of 1977

Dynamic, Adaptive Survey Engine: seemless and secure data-collection and exporting.